My unexpected and lovely afternoon

Following a slight hiccup to my usual morning shopping activities, I received a phone call from my lovely neighbour. She asked where I was to which I replied Waitrose. Please when you return home would you call and see me. Yes I replied.

Returned home and it is usual for us flat dwellers to unload our shopping  outside the front door, park the car, and then heave everything inside. I left everything outside, parked my car, and returned to the front door, whereupon I discovered my shopping  had vanished,but a very kindly  neighbour had bought all the bags inside, so all was well.

Another neighbour offered to carry all the bags to my front door. How very kind. Off to see my neighbour.

Obviously not herself so I invited her in for a cup of tea to which she agreed, and then said “would you look at this”. She pulled up her trouser legs and you could see both the lower part of her legs were covered in a rash, but not one that I recognised. Contacted the doctor and an appointment was made for her. Her sister arrived to take her.

Unpacked and settled down to watch This Morning. Knock on the door Mary and her sister. I can’t remember what the diagnosis was regarding the rash, but her mind was put to rest. Bloods taken and a specimen needed on Monday.

Daughter arrived for coffee, and then my most unexpected visitor.  A neighbour with her three year old. He has a passion for hoovers and knows everything about them . All the model numbers, what tools they have but most of all he enjoys watching You Tube describing all the elements of all the vacuum cleaners.  Another James Dyson in the making I think. Then, he sang me some Christmas carols. I was thrilled, but within a few minutes he declared he was bored and wanted to go home. Of course he was, but a lovely way to spend some time with a young child.

I offered him a mince pie which he tasted. Not too sure about it and he left half, but it didn’t go to waste. The dog pinched it and ran off to the bedroom to scoff it down.

He gave me a flower from his flat but after handing it to me he wanted it back. Picture of the flower in question below.


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