Early new year resolution and horse pong

Do you ever wonder why you clean the house. I decided that yesterday was cleaning day or at least morning cleaning . Carpets hoovered and floors washed and then look what happened.

Derek returned with the dog who was wet and very smelly. No problems I’m just so grateful that he took Trudy out.

Knock on the door. Family with their dog Luna. The giant German shepherd at least in my eyes. Luna wasn’t the problem it was her dad. He had been working with his horse and he stank. The flat still reeks of horse perfume. One thing that mitigated the smell, were a couple of apple turnovers that he bought to go with a cup of coffee.

Visit from Mary my neighbour who is well at this time. Nice chat and then she returned to her home.

I had a phone call from my ex neighbour whose mum is now living in a nursing home. She was visiting her mum taking with her the Christmas cards that had been delivered to her home address my card included. As she was reading out the cards to her mum she remembered my name. (She has dementia) and she wanted to talk to me so I took the phone. She told me she was going to be a better person. I thought it was a strange thing to say, but then I remembered her daughter telling me that she wasn’t a very nice person sometimes. I have never seen this side of her. I guess perhaps someone had reprimanded her for her behaviour. I told her that I was going to try to be kinder too.

She said the nursing home was a large barn and she wanted to go home. I reminded her that when we leave our homes it takes us some time to adjust to our new surroundings. I’ve promised to ring on Christmas day.

I was out in the front garden with Trudy around sixish this morning when a couple of lads hoved into view, I would imagine from a party. They were singing, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. I was hiding under the fir tree. I felt if they saw me they might think I was a ghost from Christmas future.

Enjoy your day, my lunch is being cooked for me. Lovely.

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