20171221_134717Quiet week. Went to my cafe on Tuesday where I made this angel. Think its okay. Wonderful choice of cakes. Which one should I have. Picked a Christmas fruit cake.

Today was my hospital appointment. Do you feel healthy when you attend these places. All the other people milling round. Now they look really sick.

Reasonable wait and then off for blood pressure reading, EGG,  height and weight. It’s now confirmed I’m getting shorter.

Met with the consultant who was very young and very nice. He confirmed that my heart is beating slower than it should, so I’m having a pacemaker implanted in the New Year. Not quite what I was hoping for, but it would explain why I don’t feel myself some days.

As you do I’ve looked up the procedure on the Internet.

Felt in need of a hot chocolate, but there just wasn’t room to park the car anywhere, so we returned home.

Watched an old Indiana Jones film on television. I love these old Harrison Ford movies.

Dark night, curtains drawn shutting out the dark, and lounging under my blanket. Heavenly.





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1 Response to Pacemaker

  1. Chakkers says:

    Glad that you’ve been diagnosed. Have a wonderful Christmas and good luck with the pacemaker appointment… x


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