How do you feel today

Following on from my diagnosis of a stop and start heart with a pacemaker being the solution,  I wondered if there was anyone who might read my blog and be interested in how all this is effecting me with my day to day living.

I have to own up to being somewhat of a scaredy cat, especially as my heart stopping could lead me to black out. Fortunately up to now the EGG has shown that these episodes occur at night when I’m in bed so no risk of falling, but it has made me re-evaluate what I do. I’m scared of walking the dog on my own, and I certainly won’t be visiting my favourite place Hocombe woods for fear of passing out. The Consultant assured me the heart will always start again, so that’s re-assuring.

Visited Chandlers Ford Picture Gallery to buy some ribbon and bumped into a friend. She looked amazing, younger and more alive. She told me she had bought a motorbike and if her looks were anything to go by, I would certainly recommend it. We chatted away and then in all seriousness she said “but I keep falling off”. Not really ideal.

I think the reason she looked so good was she had put on a bit of weight and it suited her. Her thighs looked rounded. Can only think that’s where she grips her bike tight. Her face was wrinkle free. Tip she said was the wind blowing the wrinkles out.

I’m left wondering how her teenage children see their biker mum.

Ironing day today. What a bore.

Enjoy your day won’t you.

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