Has Santa been?

Last night I slept very badly worrying that I hadn’t been good all year, and therefore a present or presents for me would not be given out.

How can he get in the flat. Should I leave a window open or would a door left open be more the ticket. I had a word with Oliver who is four years old and he suggested I get a magic key like he has, so Santa can get in. No need to be worried any more a magic key is just the ticket.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone in this very large world a wonderful peaceful day, although of course that isn’t possible I’m afraid.

Walked with the family this morning.  Dismal and lots of dog walkers laughing and joking. I have to admit I felt on the outside of the festivities.

Mid morning off to the family for lunch after going for another short walk. Trudy was in disgrace yesterday. (She weed on the floor), and to avoid a similar situation today went for a very short stroll.

Lovely lunch. No stress. Everything fell into place but we forgot to cook the pigs in blankets. I would imagine that quite a few households forgot something or other.

Lovely pressies. New handbag, smellies and a couple of small sparkling drinks for when I fancy them, and a book about the 40’s. Just my era.

Home whilst it was still light and changed into my pygamas. Nothing nicer that slobbing out in front of an old carry on film, and a cup of tea. Delish.


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