Times passed

Already I’m having difficulty in remembering what gifts I received for Christmas. It’s just so much to take in and in truth although I was very lucky present wise, they were just a drop in the ocean in some people’s minds.

Boxing day saw  my grandaughter and her fiance arrive. It was as if Father Christmas had arrived albeit a day late. I was fortunate to get a  Mrs Bridge’s Christmas hamper. Full of lovely jams, chutneys etc.  I remember buying my mum and dad a similar hamper many years ago. It’s a gentle reminder that I’m old.

Pleasant day until the dogs started behaving like a couple of spoilt kids wanting the same thing, that was when I decided to return home.

There has been a lot of refurbishing work done in one of the flats and a skip was left in a parking space ready to take the rubbish. All well and good until you factor in the high winds we had. The car park is now liberally covered in cardboard,  polystyrene and a massive amount of paper. I’m waiting to see if it’s going to be picked up, doubt it somehow.

Yesterday was a quiet day. Several phone calls from friends but I didn’t receive a call from anyone who I would consider to be long term friends (in excess of thirty years). Sad isn’t it that everything is okay in their sheltered world and who cares what goes on outside of that circle.

On a happier note I wish you a very Happy New Year.

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