Caught out

I was snuggling under my blanket yesterday listening to the weather. It was not a good forecast snow and icy conditions.

I had uncharacteristically invited family and my neighbour for a New Years eve meal.  It would be a lunch time affair. I’m not going to be sitting up waiting for the witching hour, but of course not much by way of food, so a trip to the supermarket would have to be made. Hence my obsession with the weather forcast. I decided to order a taxi to take and bring me back to avoid having to scrape the windscreen off, and now of course it’s hammering down with rain, so I could have just got in my car and gone.  I guess though in view of the consultants words to be careful driving,it’s perhaps a good thing not to use my car for a while.

I was talking to a friend on the phone and asked what she was doing over the next couple of days. Her immediate reply was “take my pills”.

It’s a sign of our times when you look at your calendar to see the only points of note, were visit to the doctors, order your prescription drugs. Not many entries like going out for a meal, cinema, or whatever or wherever your fancy takes you.

I wish you an enjoyable day.

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