Christmas spirits or New Years

Following on from my blog, Mary and I were transported to Waitrose in the back of a very warm car. So civilised. We were pleased with our decision to spoil ourselves and hire a cab. No more wondering if there were any car parking spaces left,  we sailed right up to the front door, but believe it or not there were loads of sparkling empty spaces.

We decided to go our separate ways and meet up behind the till to await our taxi home. Mary was very easy to spot. She was wearing a bright pink hat. When mum and I used to go shopping the only way we could trace her was by her hat. She loved bobbing up and down the aisles leaving us to search for the hat. We never actually lost her.

Everyone was so pleasant yesterday I was left wondering if it was the aftermath of Christmas goodwill  or the up and coming New Years Eve celebrations. I accosted a young man at the wine aisle to ask if he could recommend a cheap wine for cooking. Quite rightly informed me that Waitrose was not the place to shop for a thing that could be described as cheap. We did finally settle on a bottle and left feeling full of good cheer. It wasn’t the drink talking honest.

Finally made it to the seat. Mary nowhere to be seen but a nice gentleman started chatting so the time passed very quickly waiting for that pink hat to appear.

Finally home and what a treat to have the bags lifted out of the car and put by the front door.  I could easily get used to this treatment.

Family called in minus scatty Luna for a cup of tea.

This morning Trudy has left with Anne and Derek and  I’ve started preparing the lunch for tomorrow. It’s called Lamb stafado.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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