Welcome 2018

I admit  to feeling sad when I woke this morning. Perhaps it was the disturbed night’s sleep due to the fireworks. I don’t know.

The past year has been challenging in places but I can’t imagine that 2018 is going to be any different. Had a few health scares, lost my lovely Lou and found on reflection that 2017 was  an ordinary year. Didn’t become a millionaire or anything remotely like it. I know you should feel invigorated with the thought of a brand new year, when you can change your lifestyle, change jobs,  find romance, but I’m pretty sure that is looking rather unlikely for me.

How awful to forget. Trudy became part of my family. Lovely girl.

I feel as if I should do something constructive but what.

Yesterday however was very pleasant. Cooked the lamb stifado and I can recommend. Pretty easy to cook, (that’s the reason I chose it). No potatoes it was served with beans, with fried parsley atop of the beans along with capers. I admit to leaving out the capers as I’m no fan of them. Lovely ice cream to follow so very simplistic. I was cooking for the family and my neighbour. If I had been on my own it would have most likely been a microwave meal.

Dishes in dishwasher and all squared away as they say in short time.

I have taken down the decorations and put the Christmas tree in the garden. We shall see if it survives another year.

Nothing much planned for today.

Happy new year. May it be all that you wish it to be.

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