Enforced idleness

The less you do the less you want to do. Having been told to be careful how I behave, due to possibly blacking out due to a slow beating heart, I’m really missing the interactions with my fellow inhabitants in this part of the world.

I allow the dog walkers to go out with Trudy without me, because I really feel they have enough on their plates keeping the hounds safe, without me muddying the waters. If I do go out I feel scared and can’t wait to get back in the flat,

Even shopping I’ve had to give a miss, and rely on my daughter doing the shopping. I like choosing my own food, and being tempted into buying something that is not strictly necessary. The upside is that with a list my spending is less.

My daughter is teaching herself to knit and we have had such a laugh. She has had to resort to YouTube to help with casting on,  and understanding the patterns. She told me yesterday that the sleeve that she is currently knitting is so big she’s going to have to roll the arms up. I don’t understand why she doesn’t unpick and start again. I’m sure YouTube can help with that. I really wonder what it’s going to look like at the end. Perhaps there will be a picture sometime later.

So what to do today. Bore you with my musings, Polish the furniture, look at nothing much, and wait for the time to pass. To just sit and wait for time to pass is unlikely to make me feel better, and Mary said to be yesterday I can’t afford to sit and wait for time to pass. So very right.

Do I say to you make every moment count. Sounds as if I’ve been reading self help books doesn’t it?

Who remembers the book The Secret. It was so popular a good many years ago. It suggested that we could have anything we wanted. At the time I was going through a particularly difficult time and I followed the advice to the latter but did it make a difference. NO.

Life throws curve balls from time to time and you just have to run with it.


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