Yippee waitrose here I come

Who would have thought you could get excited about shopping but today I am.  Had the opportunity to shop at Waitrose early this morning. When I say early nine o’clock was the witching hour, and guess what,nothings changed. Why do we expect things to change when we are not around. Same shop (it’s still standing) same food same layout I’m glad to say. When the shop was revamped a whole ago I hated it because I couldn’t find anything,now as I said still the same comforting layout.

It was very cold this morning and I believe it’s going to be colder still tomorrow, so all in all a good enough reason to go shopping  today. Nothing else accomplished though. Enough is enough I say.

Called in for a chat with my neighbour. She always has a story or two to share. For instance when she was young she used cellotape to anchor the curls on the back of her head to give her hair a smooth look. Never heard of that. She was born with straight hair but after falling into water her hair then grew curly. Not sure what sort of water or how deep, but the family swear that was the reason her hair grew curly.

She also told me that she would stand at her gate and ask strangers to take her for a walk. Certainly wouldn’t happen these days, but ninety years ago I think things might have been slightly different.

I have been trying to get some expert help for Luna the wayward pup, and we are going to Scovellsway north of Winchester for a serious training session, with particular emphasis on recall. If the training is helpful I’ll take Trudy.

Not a particularly nice day but I’m up, dressed, food in the cupboard, what more can I ask for. Enjoy your day.

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