One community lifeline

I have decided that it was necessary that I should wear a wristband with important information, should I be incapacitated for any reason.  They hold information on next of kin and any medical conditions. It took approximately fifteen minutes to complete the paperwork.  My input was just a signature. It is a twenty four hour service.

Whilst Anne and Derek were here he also became my television engineer. I had accidentally touched a button and hey presto the screen shrivelled in size.  I tried YouTube but couldn’t understand what I was hearing. Sky was closed but Derek saved the day. What struck me was the size of the screen. We used to watch screens that size aeons ago, and didn’t think anything of it. March of progress I’m glad to say.

Was settling down to a day of reading, knitting but I can now watch my favourite shows.

I have had to have a chocolate fix and I bought a block. This is really unusual for me but needs must. Again,  I had the urge to make cornflakes cupcakes made with chocolate , butter and treacle and I have done exactly that. My cup of tea this afternoon will be extra special.

No matter how nice cakes look on the shelves they never taste the same as home made although I’m not known for my cake making prowess. One of my girlfriends just throws everything in, and out pops very impressive cakes. Not so for me.

Miserable looking day but keep well and warm.

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