Creams and potions

I was sat watching This Morning when presenter Alison Hammond shared some celebrity news. One item was on beauty and mentioned Victoria Beckham. It would seem she spends over a thousand pounds a day, yes a thousand pounds a day on her beauty regime. Phil and Holly couldn’t understand how you could spend over a thousand pounds a day on products, but Alison insisted her facts were correct. Phil did suggest maybe Victoria put the creams on her bathroom wall.

It made me wonder how much you spend on beauty products. I tend to put some nivea on my face and E 45 on my legs. How about you?

I’m sure my face would benefit from some of these wonderful creams that are on the market now but frankly they are way too expensive for me. Such a shame I might look better with the use of these potions.

I feel as if I live on an entirely different planet. I just can’t imagine that there is absolutely nothing in this world that you can’t buy. Are they happier. From all that you read I guess the answer is no.

I would quite like to be in a position where I don’t have to worry about that niggling toothache, or a doctor is required. So much easier to have them on your speed dial, but have no complaints in the care I receive from  my overworked GP or my dentist.

Back to a miserable looking day again. Where is the sun?

Read on our local facebook page that our small convenience store near our flats was robbed last night. Called in to see if everyone was okay after the ordeal and they were.

Such a nice bunch of ladies looking after us oldies very well. I hate to think they had been put at risk,

Working in the bank we were all very security conscious and I’m glad to say I never had to contend with anything alarming. It must have quite an impact on those caught up in the drama, and everything seems more threatening these days.

Keep safe.

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