Do not disturb

Woke up this morning listening to the rain pouring down the windows, and my first reaction.So glad I haven’t got to walk this morning. My trusty dog walker would be getting wet instead

You can see however that she is absolutely knackered after walking with Anne and Derek this past weekend.


I had a pleasant day yesterday albeit a quiet one.  When my heart misbehaves it takes a day or two to feel myself. Had my lunch cooked for me so that was a nice start.

Today I think is going to be quiet as well. I have learned that you have to listen to your body, and it’s telling me “take it easy”.  In the past I just soldiered on believing that I was invincible, but of course with age comes a certain wisdom I would hope, so now I listen. The only thing is I feel guilty. Why I haven’t a clue. I’ve worked all my life so a little “go slow” is okay I think.

Listen to how you are feeling, and don’t push yourself too hard.


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