Tuesday’s tea and cake

So looking forward to meeting up with the gang at The Beacon. Although there was a meeting just after Christmas I gave that a miss and turned up today. Arrived a little early to find a small group in a circle saying prayers. Myself and two others joined in.

There is something really nice being surrounded by happy and friendly people sharing their beliefs with us. We prayed for all of us and a particular mention was for those who had been or are ill. One of our gentleman was asked how he was. He replied “didn’t see any candles round my bed this morning” so guess I’m alright.

Another one said they hadn’t read their obituary in the paper and that had to be a good thing.

My neighbour went to Winchester hospital yesterday for her results. There were concerns about her heart function.  She had the all clear, and the only thing she was worried about was that she only had one earring in. She felt undressed.

I’m so pleased that she can stop worrying now. It was quite distressing to listen to her saying “well if I’m still here”.

Sun shining at the moment and I’m feeling quite warm, relaxed and pleasantly tired.

Lunch cooking away,  and then I guess a doze seems to be the order of the day.


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