Bedtime routine

It’s beginning to look a lot like my bedtime, and I was left wondering what your routines are.

Mine are  check the doors, make sure the animals are safe and sound and warm and then think of myself.

If I’m feeling cold a shower springs to mind. Can’t get in and out of a bath anymore so cannot lay in a pampering bath, so a shower it has to be. I must admit I still feel slightly chilled when stepping out of the shower. Hallelujah for those storage heaters -not.

Shall I slaver cream all over. Looking at my goose bumps don’t think so. Just my face.

Hot water bottle already in situ and then it’s the pill taking. Forgot to mention the glass of water on the bedside table and then swallow. I do hope the pills are doing what they should be doing keeping me safe.

My mum always used to have a small stash of tablets called Veganin under her pillow. They were similar I think to our paracetamols of today. At that time there didn’t appear to be any restriction on the number you could buy, but I could be wrong.

She had to check there were no stray animals under the bed who had snuk in whilst she wasn’t looking. Mum had to have complete quiet to sleep she said.

Can’t say that it is always that quiet in a block of flats, but on the whole we seem to be a quiet lot. There are those who come in later, sometimes with tired and irritable children,  and then there are those who leave very early in the morning. Some nights I don’t feel as though I’ve slept at all.

Sleep is so important to feeling good about yourself, and I’m hoping that tonight brings you and me a peaceful restful sleep.

Sweet dreams.

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