Pacemaker date set

Yesterday was a special day, in as much that I have been given the date for the pacemaker insertion. I’m pleased that I have a date, but oddly I feel at odds with having this thing put in. I know it’s a good thing, and I’m so fortunate that I can have one,but it’s still scary.

Several phone calls had to be made. One to the doctors to arrange a swab to be taken for the MRSA bug and another call to the hospital to discuss the date I need to stop taking the blood thinking drug. This always concerns me coming off this drug, because it’s job is to make your blood thinner and hopefully stops any clots forming, but don’t want to bleed all over the place when they perform their operation, so it has to be stopped several days before.

Strangely the date they have given me is my mum’s birthday. That will stay in my mind forever. My friends daughter is getting married on this day as well, so very auspicious you might say.

I’m lucky that I know the consultant who is performing this procedure because he performed an angiogram on me some two years ago. I’m sure he won’t remember me but I certainly will remember him. It’s nice to see a familiar face at these anxious times.

My car wouldn’t move yesterday and I felt sure it was the battery. Called the A.A who arrived very promptly and following a battery test declared it useless. Luckily for me he carried spare batteries, so he quickly and efficiently changed the dud one for the new. I may well have paid a little more, but I wasn’t bothered. By the time I had driven to a garage and sat in the waiting room, I considered myself fortunate not to have to bother.

Friend called for tea and cake which was nice. It breaks up the day for me, and Trudy is always ready to welcome anyone who comes knocking.

This morning is gloomy and to be truthful I’m feeling gloomy too. Weather has such an impact on our lives doesn’t it.

My lovely dog walkers have returned a wet and very tired dog.

Roast lunch today.

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