Shall I or shan’t I?

As I sit writing this blog, the sun is streaming through the window, so much sunlight that I’m almost tempted to close the curtains, but no I won’t. We haven’t seen much of the large yellow thing  in the sky called the sun in recent days.

Yesterday was a good example terribly wet. Terribly depressing.

Maybe a bit of home baking might be the answer so I baked a cake. Such a shame no one was going to sample it with me. I decided on a fruit cake with the added ingredient of grated apples. Apples no problem,  but I couldn’t find the grater anywhere,  so there was no option but to leave them out. It was only later in the day when I went to unload the dishwasher that I discovered the grater. This past week has been a forgetting week.

I put the oven on,  thirty minutes later got up to take the food out, only to discover I had forgotten to put it in the oven. The next day I actually put food in the oven and then left it too long so it burnt. I was talking on the phone and forgot. Mitigating circumstances I think they say.

Similarly set the washing machine but forgot to switch it on.

The do I or don’t refers to going out walking with Trudy. I’m still feeling vulnerable when out walking on my own.

Luna started her training at Scovellsway yesterday. They were impressed with the training, and will be returning  again later for the next step in her training.



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