Phone call

I enjoy all the technology that is available to us now, if of course you can understand it, which I’m afraid to say I don’t fully.

Decided to do things the old fashioned way pick up the phone. A friend of mine has been diagnosed with heart failure and is quite knowledgeable on atrial fibrillation, and pacemakers as she has both.

The hospital do of course send out a leaflet explaining what you should and shouldn’t do, but the information didn’t cover everything that I needed to know, as in how to get dressed, how to put a bra on, when in point of fact you should not raise your arm above your head and you shouldn’t stretch it out very far in front of you.

She couldn’t remember having difficulty with the bra side of things which was reassuring, but she did say I should sit behind the driver on my return home, so the seat belt would not rub against the pacemaker site. Hadn’t thought about that at all, we automatically jump in the passenger seat don’t we, but that’s a no go apparently.

I decided I would post a comment on Chandlers Ford Friendly Neighbours, asking if there were other ladies out there who could help.

I had lots of replies from offers of help, to sites specialising in underwear with front fastening and trousers that were easy to put on,to name but a few.

Suggestions ranged from how to safely put a jumper on, to wearing particular clothes that were easy to put on and take off.

I learnt such a lot.

There is sometimes a lot of negative comments on this site, but today it was all about helping me.

Selfish I know but it was great for me a real morale boost. Thank you Fordians you came up trumps.

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