As I’m a creature of habit I set aside Fridays to do my banking. It does sound as though I have a lot of banking to do, which in point of fact is far from the truth. Just the usual bills to pay.

As today is of course a Friday, settled down to my banking five minutes. I know more or less what should be in my account. Imagine my surprise to find a little more than I expected. I phoned the bank but they couldn’t shed any light on it, but did sound a note of caution. It was likely a mistake and would be taken back, so I won’t be spending any of it. What a pity.

My friend with her dog Lottie are coming for lunch today. It’s really a snack. I decided a Scotch egg, with coleslaw, tomatoes and crisps should fit the bill nicely.

Did my shopping yesterday and bought a small beef joint to cook along with Yorkshire puds. I know cheating, but my Yorkshire puds don’t come up to scratch,  no matter whose recipe I use, but I can’t find them. They could be in my car still,  or even at Waitrose, but as yet haven’t looked.

Sun shining what a treat.

Enjoy your day.

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