Wendy being contrary

Many of my days recently have been spent within my four walls, due to my heart problem. I have certainly missed the daily interaction I experienced when I was more mobile,  and on occasion have desperately wanted some company.

Yesterday I had plenty and at the end of the day I was pretty tired. It would be really helpful if my visitors in particular could arrive on different days, but I haven’t liked to turn people away for that cup of tea/coffee so an exhausted “me” at the end of the visit.

However it was pleasant meeting up with my friend and her young dog Lottie, and best of all the dogs got along much better so that we were able to relax more.

Today I think is going to be a four walls day, but as I’m feeling  tired that’s no problem. I’m tired because the cat would insist on sleeping on my head much of the night. You should see my hair this morning. I’m definitely going to have to wash it so it looks better.

Quick or slow walk this morning to our local post office and then home. Weather forecast is not good I believe.


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