Goosebump morning

Quite a shock when I stepped out this morning quite chilly,  but how nice to see some morning light and for the first time in ages don’t need to switch on the lights.

Pleasant enough weekend. Sauntered to the shops and bumped into several people that I knew. Immediately I felt better and managed to catch up on some Goss.  Not much going on at present though it seems. Bought a bunch of daffodils.  Spring in the flat.

Out for supper on Sunday. I was picked up by my grandson. It is very strange to be picked up by your grandchildren. It really seems as if they shouldn’t be doing this. Surely they can’t be grown up. Sometimes I do wonder if they have really grown up,  because they do come out with the most amazing things. I suppose that’s just part of maturing.

One of my fellow dog walkers is having her pacemaker fitted tomorrow. I wish her all the best, and that everything goes well for her.

Nothing like focusing your mind on events that are going to be happening to you later.

Enjoy your time with each other.

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