White rabbits

How many of us said “white rabbits” this morning. I have no idea where this saying came from, can anyone enlighten me.

Off out this morning for my weekly shop. Can’t say that is particularly thrilling but it’s got to be done,

On Monday had to attend the doctors to have swabs taken, to see if I’m carrying MRSA. You do it yourself. Up your nose, in your groin, and under your arms, so all bases covered.

I’m beginning to have a mental countdown now. It’s not long before my admission date. I own up to the fact that I wish I had a second half at this time.  That sounds wrong, of course i would like to share my life with someone, but especially at these times.When you live on your own with your animal friends there is so much to sort out. Trudy is going to Anne and Derek for the day. Haven’t worked out what happens if I don’t get discharged the same day. Puss is not such a problem.  Can leave her food down, and will get someone to call in to check that all is well.

I have been making tentative enquiries about putting an unobtrusive fence in the front so that I can just open the door to let Trudy out without having to manoeuvre myself down a drop onto the ground. I only need it up during evening time and I’ll take it down during day. A challenge too far perhaps, but true to his word a fencing contractor called with his son yesterday to have a look see. Even if they can’t do anything it restored my faith in human nature. They actually came to have a look. True to their word.

Hair do this afternoon.  That always cheers me up, although I like the experience to be as quick as possible. It would be my worst nightmare to have to sit in a chair for hours on end, hence my white hair, couldn’t  sit still whilst they colour it,


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