I had an appointment to have my toenails cut with Rachel. I’m afraid to say that cutting my own is something that has become harder and harder for me to do myself. Oh the delights of getting old.

I felt much like my old self today, and following the “cutting” of my nails decided to go to my charity shop.

I haven’t been there for so long. It was good to go back for a while.

Over a period of time I have managed to drop quite a few plates of varying sizes and this was one of the reasons I popped in to the shop. I have had Portmerion china for a long time and I was astonished to find they had three large dinner plates. I snapped them up. It’s not often you find them secondhand as it were. I think they had been hung on a wall as they showed a tale tale sign of wear where the plate fasteners had been placed.

Side plates were next on my list and I picked up some Spode. Blue and white very pretty,

I know they are the odd ones out but I don’t think that’s a problem. A lot of people use odds and ends of china  and they all look great together.

Today being a Sunday is cleaning day but the sun can be seen, so no great shakes.


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