I’m all too aware that Friday is looming on the horizon,  and I’m ashamed to say that my undies leave a lot to be desired.

I tried ordering on the Internet following the measuring instructions and I had to return everything, so it was decided we would visit Smith Bradbeers in Romsey, where they offer bra sizing. HURRAH managed to buy not one but three, all of which were offered in the sale,

I was really pleased, so pleased in fact that I bought some Dior makeup, so in truth what I had saved on the bras I spent on the makeup, but felt I needed a bit of cheering up, and I felt so much better for it.

It’s unfortunate that going into hospital makes us evaluate the undies drawers but I can now safely say mine is top notch.

Beautiful today, birds singing and the sun is shining. Enjoy your day.

I’m going to bake a fruit cake so that during the coming week or so have got a piece of cake to eat with my cup of tea.

Whilst I’m at the hospital Anne and Derek are looking after Trudy for me. How kind is that.

All I need to do is pack her bag with food etc and a note explaining her routine. I keep telling her she’s going on holiday. I know they will look after her well and take good care of her for me. I think picking up grandchildren from school is on the agenda. How exciting.

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