Beacon cafe

Tuesday is definitely one of my favourite days of the week especially when it’s coffee and cake in the offing.

I was fortunate that a friend of mine picked me up to travel the short distance to St Boniface Church. Sun was shining, that makes it two days in a row that it has made an appearance, and a clump of snowdrops. Magic.

A prayer was said asking for God’s attendance looking over us all. They even said a prayer for me. I was very grateful.

Settled down at the craft table but didn’t feel much like making anything today,  so I picked up some knitting. People are knitting to make blankets for the homeless in Winchester.

Usual chatter. Jane’s dog is very poorly, her daughter is also unwell, and she was having to juggle her cuddles with her daughter and the dog, but decided that a three some cuddle was the order of the day.

As I write this I’m having the bedroom carpet cleaned by Bee Cleaning who have been recommended by members of Chandlers Ford Friendly Neighbours. The carpet hasn’t recovered since puss was so ill. He tells me he drinks a lot of tea, so just retreated to the kitchen to make another cup.

Anything has got to be an improvement. Every time I opened the door I was ashamed. Now it should be sparkling.


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