Waiting to be dressed

Feel like a  child again.

Last night was not one of my best nights. Very restless, because I hurt. Swallowed a few pills and after a while the pain left me, but trying to get a good sleeping position was hard. I like to sleep on my side but that proved to be impossible.

Hours creep slowly by when you’re desperately trying to sleep. I kept reminding myself that I had had a very easy day yesterday so didn’t need much sleep,  but my body and I were not convinced.

Got up early and decided I would try my hand at getting washed.  I don’t think I even covered a half of myself, and although I know I could be described as chunky, really just couldn’t manage much.  Still got quite a few days before I can get under the shower. Cleanliness is next to godliness so they say. Before the end of the alloted time I might be a bit wiffey.

I managed to dress the bottom half of my body this morning but not the top half, but you will be pleased to know I’m completely dressed now. That’s a relief for everyone

A quiet day. Trudy is coming home this morning. There has been a feeling of emptiness in the flat the last couple of days.


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