Please not again

I admit to being a bit of a wooze when it comes to vomiting. I felt so awful yesterday being sick and feeling downright miserable.

Saturday the day following the pacemaker insertion was good. Needed to take a few painkillers to keep on top of things but I thought things were going really well, and decided that my daughter needn’t spend the night with me.

On Sunday  woke with a feeling as if I had a knot in my tummy. Wondered if it was because I felt hungry. Small bowl of cereal later and I quickly realised I had probably made a mistake. Struggled with trying to keep it down, but no luck. Whoosh up it came. Not a pleasant sight or smell.

I had agreed with my daughter that I would be fine on my own Saturday night because I did feel good, so she phoned as usual yesterday to hear me saying I feel ill. Up she came sorted things out and I went back to bed.

She stayed much of the day and decided she would also stay the night. I was so relieved because I felt very ill and vulnerable. It is really good to know that she is just down the road. Roles reversed I think. Her looking after an ailing  (at the present time) mum.

Trudy went to Derek and Anne’s. The only problem is that Trudy wouldn’t sleep on her own, so Derek gave up his bed to sleep downstairs with her. Such an amazing pair of volunteers and I would like to say friends.

My daughter has left for work,  so it’s just me and the animals. Trudy is going to Anne and Derek’s later, and I shall go back to bed for a bit. When you arn’t well you long  for your bed but after a while my body aches. My back hurts all over and this morning I got up and slept on the sofa for a few hours just to change my sleeping position.  The pacemaker soon let’s you know what not to do because it hurts.

Beautiful sunny day today, but I’m not feeling too sunny  at the moment.

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