Heading for the shower

Morning I’ve decided to attempt a shower. I’m going to cover the dressing with a waterproof plaster, a large one, and hope everything goes according to plan. According to my discharge sheet a shower could be taken today.

My hair too is in serious need of a wash. Whenever you feel unwell your hair goes manky and mine is certainly that, and that makes me feel even worse.

I had a clear plan for my lunch yesterday. I was going to make some pancakes, but couldn’t in all seriousness stand over a stove, although I love pancakes.  I like the sweet variety with sugar and lemon.

Managed to stay in bed all night although sleep still eludes me. Switched my light on and picked up my book all at the grand time of 4.15 a.m. Normally I would consider that to be far too early to start reading.

My day is I guess the same as yesterday. Doing a few bits and pieces and then resting.

Not sure if Trudy is off again,  as Anne and Derek were hoping to take their grandchildren to the I.O.W, but of course that’s dependant on our British weather.

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