A feeling of heaviness

I’m sure there are many of us who following a medical procedure of some sort, find that it is difficult to act as you were. Before the pacemaker insertion I would like to think I stood upright, but now today,feel as if I have a considerable weight inside my chest. I feel as if I’m Marley’s ghost from Scrooge trailing all those chains around with me. I know it will get better, but when I ask myself.

I was going to go wedding dress shopping with my granddaughter today but I don’t feel up to it. I’m so disappointed.

Yesterday was a happy day. A friend called to visit and bought a wonderful cake for me. She is an amazing cook, and I’m really going to enjoy eating it.


I wanted to give Anne and Derek the dog walkers a little something to say thanks but they wouldn’t let me. I did come up with an idea though.  A cake. Something they could enjoy with their family. As my sponge making isn’t too good I put a post on Chandlers Ford neighbours asking if anyone could make me one.  I didn’t want a bought one.

Had several replies, and in the end I chose one and she made this chocolate cake. Just the ticket.

Thanks to the bakers.

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