What are you worth?

Morning. Actually slept pretty well last night at least until four o’clock this morning.

When you lay awake that’s the cue for everything rushing into your head. Food, housework, shopping, the list is endless. I ended up thinking how much I was worth.

I remember a very long time ago in India they used weighing scales for people, one end occupied by a person, the other end filled with gold to equal the person’s weight the other end. Don’t know what happened to the gold though.  Perhaps it was given to the poor.

However I added up what my replacement hip cost plus my pacemaker and have come up with the approximate sum of £25,000, so my insides are worth a whole lot more than my outside body with its fair share of wrinkles, swollen knee, etc.

My daughter and grandaughter called in following their wedding dress shopping experience. The dresses were so pretty, but they haven’t done yet. They are hitting the shops again today, but maybe we shall have a final decision on which dress soon.

A friend is coming for coffee this morning,  and is going to take me out so I can run a few errands. I won’t be running however,just slowly slowly catchy monkey.

Enjoy your day which I do believe is shaping up to be pleasant.


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