Bowl of soup

A friend along with her dog Lottie came to visit yesterday. She very kindly took me to do a few errands.

Such a lovely day. It was good to be out for a while.

Popped into a local Co-op in Hursley Road to buy soup and crusty rolls, and then home. She reckoned I could do with eating more vegetables, so the soup contained quite a lot. Nice to have someone thinking about what I need. Returned home.No problem you might think but you would be wrong.  Lottie is a very young exuberant puppy so training is uppermost in everyone’s minds, and she just wouldn’t walk to heel or behave, so she was put back in the car until she could behave.  It seemed to take hours before she finally arrived in the flat. It took almost an hour I would think.

I was so tired and achey just wanted her in the flat so I could relax. Gaining entrance to the building is not always easy so I was in a constant state of readiness.

However finally everything sorted and I sat and waited for my soup and roll. A small thing but for once I didn’t have to do anything.

As with most things as I felt better yesterday morning I did too much. I hate to see the place looking a bit grubby. I do not live in a dirty house, but without a daily hoover,surfaces look grubby.

Trudy off out for the day such a lucky girl.

No visit from the family as they were wedding dress shopping still. No news if a gown was purchased. I guess today I’ll find out more

Contemplating getting dressed. So warm and comfy can’t really be bothered yet.

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