Change around

Since having enforced bed rest over the last ten days or so, I quickly came to the conclusion that my bed was not so good. It is only six years old but when I laid on it, I could feel the bubbling through the mattress protector and bed linen.  I felt that something had to be done.

I had mentioned it in passing to my daughter and then everything happened almost instantaneously. I had a bed in my second bedroom which was almost new, so it was swap the bed time, with the help of my grandaughter, grandson, and daughter. I stayed out of the way which seemed the most sensible thing to do.

All done after an hour or so, and several cups of coffee.

Nina provided the lunch and everyone left. It was as if I had waived a magic wand and said abracadaver and poof everyone vanished.

My grandaughter has found the wedding dress of her dreams. I hadn’t realised it took so long to purchase a dress. I thought you went to the shop, paid your money and left.  Not so.

I don’t remember that it was difficult in the 60’s but I might well have forgotten.

She is getting married in Mauritius, as it was more competitive price wise. No idea if I will go or not. Secretly I’m sorry it’s not going to be in the U.K.


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