Beautiful Wednesday

I don’t really think you can describe a Wednesday as beautiful,  but the weather is. I used to like a Wednesday when I was working. It meant that half of the week had gone,and it always felt you were on the downward slope towards the weekend.

I’m not sure in truth what I can say about today. I think it will mostly be me and  my animals, although I have a cleaner coming this morning to clean my bed thoroughly. The company is called Bee Clean and he does a great job.

I managed to spend all night in my bed. An accomplishment I feel.

I was still up and about early though, and decided I would pop a chicken in the slow cooker. I covered it in butter with a few slices of lemon.

Next chore. Pay some people via the Internet.  I hate it when the bank changes it’s format and I can’t do what I want to do, so in the end have to use the telephone banking service. Counter productive because I’m darn sure I’m not the only one who hates change, or perhaps not understand what is being asked of us.

Yesterday we had a team of tree surgeons arrive to cut down some branches of trees to the front of the flat. Good job, and they left everything neat and tidy.

If only that could be said for the back of the flats. The flats at the back did have a large wall around the garden space until a Tesco lorry knocked the wall down. This happened before Christmas and it’s still down.

However that’s not the problem.  To the rear of Tesco’s,  people fly tip there and it is absolutely disgusting. I imagine the vermin are loving it. The rubbish of course gets blown into the garden.

I’m  wondering how long it’s going to remain this eyesore.

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