Feeling cold and cross

Yesterday I got up from my warm cosy bed and thought. It feels chilly in here. I never have heat in my bedroom because I don’t need to.  I always feel warm, mostly anyway, but yesterday was different.

Went to investigate and discovered that my night storage heater in the hall wasn’t working. Typical when you are given to understand that the weather is getting colder and colder.

Put a post on our local chandlers ford friendly neighbours and loads of replies. I don’t know about you but I hate to pay a call out fee of £60 plus so I spent sometime trying to get an electrician who offered better terms. I’m not particularly mean but think £60 is excessive. I’ve made an appointment with one this morning. Let’s see if  he turns up.

Next moan John Lewis Pet insurance. Have a friendly dispute with them, but they never return my calls, although they are adamant that they have. Phoned again yesterday, daily call at the moment,to be told someone would phone back within thirty minutes. Nothing and pointless to ring today as the claims department is closed. Would have expected better from them.

My phone however didn’t stop ringing.Must have had at least ten calls from goodness knows where, so in the end I disconnected the phone. Peace reigns once more.

Trudy is not eating at the moment. She seems to have these no eating days and all I can hear is her tummy rumbling. Would like her to eat something before she’s taken for a walk by Derek.

I believe the weather is cold and bright today so we must all enjoy it whilst we can.

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