Cloudy with the promise of snow

I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I don’t want to see snow. It’s very pretty, but the flip side is its cold,  makes a mess, and makes getting about difficult.

I popped out to stock up with milk and the essentials.

Yesterday was a home cooked lunch in my flat. I popped some ham in a slow cooker along with brown sugar, honey, water and spices all served with mashed potato and vegetables. Easy lunch and very good. It was followed by jam roly poly not the home made sort. I love those sort of puddings especially spotted dick. There is some excuse for eating these puddings when the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s called comfort eating.

Still don’t feel much like my old self yet. It seems to have taken me a long time, but how we all react to medical procedures is individual. In this respect it’s pretty useless looking on the Internet for recovery rates. Replacement hip six weeks, pacemaker a few days but with the caveat that you do not do anything stupid for about six weeks.

Have completed and posted my form to the DVLA who have to be informed when a pacemaker is fitted. It was easier than I expected. Now I just have to wait for a decision, but can still drive as my doctor has said that I can, although haven’t in fact taken the car out at all.

I hope they approve my application to drive. I would so miss it.


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