A wonderful love

I was watching Loose Women when Greg Wise appeared on the show (wife of Emma Thompson)

He was talking about his sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, and this is when she started writing her blog. Unfortunately the cancer spread to her bones and in 2015 Greg took over writing the blog, as she was too ill to continue writing it.

He looked after his sister for several months doing everything that was needed to keep her safe and happy. He even joked about giving her a shower in his underpants.

I listened to what he was saying with tears in my eyes. I find that kind of love so awe inspiring, and wished that I had been fortunate to experience that all encompassing love. In my vocabulary I  haven’t found the words to express how I felt when listening to his amazing time with his sister. What a love.

I felt my life would be enriched by knowing a man such as Greg, as indeed all of us would be enriched by his kindness.

Greg has published a book called Not that kind of love. I intend to buy it.

Snow showers all day but nothing settling at the moment.

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