Beacon cafe

Luckily I arranged for a lift to get to the cafe. We were painting onto silk hankies. You don’t want to see my attempts because the outcome isn’t good.

I had been toying with the idea of buying a new mattress. Mine was getting a little bubbly. I felt like the fairytale of the princess and the pea. When I laid down I felt every bubble. Perhaps I’m really a princess after all. I scrawled through the internet. Exhausting and no decision made

I decided to ring Rownhams Bed Centre local to me. I explained what I wanted and in the end decided to go for an Italian memory foam. The assistant did say “you should try before you buy” but all things considered including difficulty in getting there and back I didn’t bother.  Agreed to go ahead with the sale. One hour later and they were at my door. Very good service. They took the old bedding and mattress off and put the new one in place. I watched it expand throughout the day and I was looking forward to trying it out

Very comfortable. Slept well.

Good result I think.

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