A very nice day

Yesterday, you could say was good.

A friend called to take me shopping. Trudy off out on her walk and so we set off. Where were we going? To Waitrose where else. Flowers in abundance for mothers day, but some were so expensive. I haven’t got a mum to buy for anymore, so I treated myself to a bunch of tulips and I bought a second bunch for my friend. It was also cheaper to buy two bunches than just one.

Shopping completed we called in to the charity shop. It was absolutely full. B & Q had donated a large number of plants and shrubs and containers for the charity. Debbie bought a bay tree for two pounds fifty pence, and a pot of chives for fifty pence.

I found a teapot cover freshly knitted. It bought back many memories. How many of you remember these tea cosies, and the toilet rolls covered by a knitted lady. Very prudish.

We came home and I made coffee for us all and settled down for a good old chat, when we were interupted by a knock on the door. It was the cleaners, a very pleasant couple of girls who did a good job. I asked that they pay particular attention to the en suite shower, as getting in and out to clean is pretty much impossible now. What a difference.

The rest of the day was spent reading. I find if I have a busy morning/afternoon I need to put my feet up.

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy mothers day.



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