Good day bad day

Following on from Friday which was a good day, yesterday was awful. I felt so breathless and everything was too much of an effort. I hate hate feeling like this. When am I ever going to feel like myself again. I have an appointment at the pacing clinic in a couple of weeks time when hopefully they can throw some light on this.

I have started writing a diary to see if a pattern emerges.

Today being mothering Sunday I’m off out to lunch. Roast chicken I believe.

Louise will be joining us as well. She has been to a birthday party in this neck of the woods, and is stopping for lunch before returning home. Matthew will be dragging himself out of bed to pick me up I hope. Much of his weekend is spent sleeping in bed during the day and then staying up to all hours of the night, Does this sound familiar?

Life feels better for me today. I’ve been out for a walk. May the day be good for you too.


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