Getting up from my bed in the morning can be a problem at times. Not always, but some days everything hurts especially the back.  You struggle to stand up and struggle to sit down.

I had one too many “can’t move” moments and decided I had to have a new mattress, and I bought one.

Changed the rooms round.My bed became the spare and the bedstead in the spare room became my new bed awaiting the delivery of the memory foam mattress.

My “old mattress” was in fact only two years old and hardly used.

The men who delivered the new mattress were unable to take the old one away so it was left to me to dispose of it. I had no idea how difficult that was going to be.

I spent a huge amount of time on the phone to charities who when they bothered to return my call at all were “full up”. I found that difficult to comprehend.

However have managed to find a home for it. I hate dumping something that is perfectly serviceable in all ways.

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