Retracing my steps

I dillied  and dallied yesterday about venturing out for a walk with Trudy. It was quite a nice day and I was tempted to get out.

You see I felt scared. It has been so long since I ventured out on my own. Could I hold onto Trudy. She’s what you would call chunky.

Said to Trudy “would you like to go for walkies”. I’m sure you know the answer. Found my trusted Barbour filled the pockets with mobile, kleenex, poo bags and my pacemaker identification. We are told we should carry this at all times. Off we went.

Went to Hocombe Woods one of my favourite places. Not too wet, but I imagine following the rain last night, it’s going to be a different story today.

I was disappointed. Nothing much going on and it was a bit dismal.  It was however good to be out in god’s fresh air.

Thought I would sleep like a log but I slept badly,so I couldn’t have inhaled enough of the fresh air.

Enjoy your day stay safe.

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