Picking up the pace

Actually managed to get my shopping all by myself, with the help of a shopper on wheels. How I used to hate those things when I was younger, and admit to poking fun at them.

Just goes to show how your attitudes change. It was a real help and I didn’t have to manhandle the bags into the flat.

Trudy was being picked up later for a walk today, so I plucked up some courage (just a little bit) and took her over to the rec. I admit to not walking all the way round, but it felt good to be out and about meeting up with old friends and dogs. Funnily enough nothing seems to have changed. We all imagine that once we are no longer a part of something, we are missing out,  but in most cases this is not so.

Back home to ring my friends. I always catch up on a Saturday morning,  and spent a pleasant hour doing just that.

Cleared up and watched the snow which has vanished now I’m glad to say.

Sat watching television cuddled under a lovely thick blanket with the dog snoring on the floor, and the cat cuddled up on the blanket too. A picture of contented bliss.


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