Monday the beginning of a new week for us all. I’m fortunate that I’m not having to drive anywhere, unlike all those who have to venture out onto the icy surfaces. I may venture out later when there is a thaw if the dog walker doesn’t arrive.

Yesterday in the midst of a snow storm Derek arrived for Trudy. I was surprised and delighted to see him there. He couldn’t really comprehend why I thought he wouldn’t arrive. Trudy home an hour or so later her feet covered in snow balls. She wasn’t impressed. I filled a bowl with warm water and washed some of the balls off. She took herself off to bed, I covered her up and she stayed there all night and has only just gone out in the front for a wee. Amazing bladder. I wish mine was like that having got up about three times last night.


Decided I would bake a cake as I was home. My effort didn’t look much like the picture but it tasted alright.

A kindly neighbour knocked on the door to  ask if I would like any shopping picked up from our local Tesco. I declined but was very grateful that someone had bothered to knock to see if everything was okay here. It brings it home to me that I’m one of the elderly living alone who would welcome a caring soul at my door to ask if “all is well with you”.

My elderly neighbour also rang as she had a problem with her fire alarm beeping all night. She asked if I could remove the offending battery for her. I knew that this was something I couldn’t do for her, as I had much the same problem last year with my alarm, but I couldn’t reach the battery let alone remove it. However following a few calls one of the other flat dwellers came to the rescue so I guess she had a peaceful non blip sleep.

Not doing much today until I see some improvement out there. Take care if you are out and about


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