Ambulance crew and firemen

Following Sunday lunch I decided to save some cauliflower to make a cauliflower cheese for lunch on Monday.

I have been keeping a careful eye on my neighbour who has been feeling poorly for a couple of days. I asked if she would like some cauliflower cheese for her lunch yesterday. She has been finding it difficult to eat and I thought perhaps a small portion of cheesy cauliflower would be just the ticket. I took her lunch over along with a piece of cake for her tea.

Interestingly Trudy made no move to go and see her which is very unusual. Do you think in view of what was looming on the horizon she sensed something. They do say that animals often sense things we cannot.

Bedtime came and I settled down only to be disturbed by the front door buzzer. I ignored it until my phone rang. It was my neighbour asking me to open the front door so that the ambulance crew could get in. I later learned that she had crawled from her kitchen to the lounge to get to the phone to ring for help. Her emergency button was in her bedroom so not much good for her.

They got into the hall but no key to the flat. Evidently they contact the fire brigade who are able to break the door down. I knew that my daughter had a key so I tried to contact her. Several calls later managed to get her and she drove up and let the emergency crew in.

There was a lot of blood where she had fallen and cracked her head open but she was lucid albeit very pale. They took her to hospital so I hope she will get the attention she deserves.

I left and returned to bed sleep being impossible. I read a bit but it still was difficult to get forty winks.

Got up six o’clock prepared animals breakfasts and returned to my bed.

I feel very strung up.

A big thank you to all those great professional people who came to help. It makes me feel very emotional.

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1 Response to Ambulance crew and firemen

  1. Eileen says:

    What a dreadful thing to happen, hope you all recover soon.


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