Toenails to attention

You know how it is. One minute everything looks okay and then toenails are taking over.

It’s a bit like hair and eyebrows. One minute all good and you decide to leave things for a while and then almost overnight your hair is all over the place, and your eyebrows almost touch your eyes.

This is what happened to me, but as things get harder to do, can’t just get a pair of scissors out and start cutting, more’s the pity, so arrangements needed to be made.

As in cases of need I post a” can you help ” plea to Chandlers Ford  Friendly neighbours and following the usual helpful advice I contacted Susie Fairfield of Fairfield Foot Care and she very kindly called yesterday.

Very professional and pleasant young woman and within a very short time my feet could be said to be sparkly again. Susie offers routine care as in dry skin, corns etc.

Today I’m sure you can guess is shopping day. How thrilling.

Mary my neighbour is progressing nicely I believe. My daughter and I hoovered her flat yesterday and did a tidy up so it will look fresh and clean for her.

Enjoy your Friday.



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