Pacing clinic

Yesterday was my six weeks check up. The only downside was the fact we had to travel to Basingstoke but the day was quite pleasant.

Can’t say we had much luck finding where we had to go. Round and round we went like a merry go round, but finally found our building. The car park was very busy as you would expect, but there were a couple of disabled parking bays available so we bagged one of those. I’m allowed I have a Blue Badge.

We had arrived early so sat down to wait. My heart sank because the waiting room had quite a few people sitting around. However they weren’t all waiting for the pacing clinic and we went in almost at the time arranged.

There was a sleep apnea clinic going on as well. This gentleman had been dragged along by his wife, who was fed up with her disturbed sleep, and of course to protect him from other nasties if you suffer from sleep apnea.

Laid down and whatever they used was put over the pacemaker so they could obtain the readouts they required. The only problem was my heart was beating very fast and they were unable to take all the measurements. They put me on a list for “don’t know what to do next”for the Consultants next week to look over, so not finished yet. The reason  I feel so breathless at times is because of the fast heart beat. If they can sort that out brilliant.

I think I had high expectations that I would be able to jump over the moon, which is quite obviously not the case,  but at least my heart doesn’t stop for a few seconds here and there, thanks to the little “box”.

I have spent a long time with a Sky service helper who was excellent talking me through various problems I’ve been having. I have been receiving upwards of ten calls a day from who knows who, and in desperation had resorted to unplugging my phone, which is not a sensible thing to do really, but to hear a phone ringing is so annoying it was the only thing I could think of doing. They have placed a block on the phone now and it’s free. Didn’t expect that.

Umbrellas up,  miserable wet day.

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