Reflections on past few days

Following my appointment at the pacing clinic I was pleased to be able to call it a day and go to bed for a well earned rest I thought.

Unfortunately that wasn’t to be. Trudy had a tummy upset so I was up and out of bed pretty much all through the night. I finally gave up and following the last trip into the garden,  I settled down on the sofa waiting for morning.

She definitely wasn’t herself,  so picked up the phone to the vet. Instructions. Nothing to eat, and an appointment made for that evening.  Medicine handed out and we came home. I find in the long run going to a vet is money efficient. By the time you go to a pet supermarket bought something and then found it doesn’t work and you then have to visit a vet, is counter productive.

Light supper of chicken but it all came up. I was glad she was sick on the hall which has a wooden floor.

Quiet uneventful night sleep for me and Trudy. She looked much better  this morning,and managed to keep her breakfast down.  As instructed I telephoned the vet with the happenings, but the message hadn’t been passed on and she phoned me. Things left as they are. She understands I feel quite paranoid when a bank holiday crops up, because the emergency vet is a distance away.

She did say that she thought Trudy and I suited one another, which I thought was a lovely thing to say. Did she mean that we are slightly plump, or quiet or both. No worries don’t mind being likened to my dog, cos I think she is beautiful.

I actually had a phone call this morning from an old work colleague who never rings me. It’s  always me who picks up the phone. Don’t you hate that. I ring because I don’t want to lose the communication and the many years that we did work together. Come on people ring your friends, dont wait for them to instigate the call.

Another wonderfully wet day outside. Glad I’m inside.

Happy Easter to one and all.

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