What an emotive subject. Unfortunately my preference would lead me to the luxury end of the market without the readies to back this up.

I have the chance to buy a 55 plate BMW x 3 for a nominal amount. It belongs to my family and they are getting rid of it for a later addition. They bought it initially as their German shepherd couldn’t squeeze in their ordinary saloon car.

Daughter arrived so I could go for a drive.  Getting in was the first challenge so much higher than my B Max but finally in. I have owned and driven four wheel drives before. My all time favourite was a Mercedes. I loved that car, but rust beat me and I sold it.

This car is not automatic,  so a few wrong gears later, think I got the hang of it.

Now I just have to decide.

Today has been such a spring like day, I’m thinking of bursting into song, which would not be a pleasant experience for those who could hear me. I’m not exactly melodic. When I went to a local choir, I always seemed to find myself in the front, and the choir master would fix me with her beedy eye. She quickly cottoned  on that I couldn’t sing. I didn’t stay in the group long,  which was a shame because I enjoyed it greatly.

Tomorrow back to vet for another check up. Vets cost almost as much as a car in some instances. Thank goodness for pet insurance.

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