Happy birthday

Today is my birthday. Even though I have seen many birthdays, it’s still nice to think that today is a special day for me, and for my family. Mum always told me that I was born on a Sunday to the sound of church bells.  That seems to me to be a nice way to arrive in this world.

Of course even though today is Saturday and the family should be around to spoil me, they are working. This afternoon though I believe special little sandwiches, scones  and cake are being offered.

I handed my car over yesterday to a friend who is a car dealer. He gave me a fair price and I don’t have to return it to some place in the north of the country, for an extra charge of seventy five pounds. This is standard procedure when you hand over a car before all payments to clear the debt are made.

I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go. Took a while to take all the gubbins out of the car. It’s amazing what you find.

To those who are also celebrating their special day, enjoy.



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3 Responses to Happy birthday

  1. Chakkers says:

    Happy Birthday for yesterday!


  2. Norma Wallis says:

    Just seen your post about your birthday. Hope you enjoyed it.


  3. Norma Wallis says:

    Btw how lovely to have been born in a Sunday. My birth day was a Wednesday and the rhyme says Wednesday’s child is full of woe!


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